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Some things you may not know about Rod:

In 1984, Rod wrote the official music for the Sarajevo Winter Olympics.

In 1990 he had a top 3 chart hit with ‘Thunderbirds are go’ (and he’s not related to Thunderbirds creator Gerry Anderson)

He plays keyboard with ‘The Band With No Name’

Rod has performed at the famous 100 club more times than the Rolling Stones.

He was at college with Stephen Volk (Afterlife, Ghostwatch), Sheena Mcdonald (BBC Presenter) and Alex Cox (Repo Man)

He wrote an anthem for Aston Villa FC
but he supports Wolves.


Documentaries include: ‘Virtual History: The Secret Plot to Kill Hitler’ for Discovery, ‘The Bigamists’ the first major documentary for Sky One, ‘Blame the Parents’ for BBC 2, 'Clive of India' for BBC 1, ‘Conman’ for Channel 5 and ‘Trapped' by My Twin’ for Channel 4.

TV advertisements include: Amstrad, Canada Dry, Freeman's, Champion spark plugs and Peugeot.

Radio ads for Sellotape, Debenhams and Hotpoint.

Cinema trailers for 'The People under the Stairs', 'Prince of Denmark', 'Haunted' and ‘Tickets’ directed by Mike Leigh.

Childrens Programmes: ‘Teddybears’ and 'Wizadora' for ITV, 'Hunny Pot'
for the Disney Channel, ‘Tiny & Crew’ for Living TV and ‘Pingu’s English’ for Hit Television.

Sports Programmes: 'Transworld Sport' and 'Blood, Sweat and Glory' for Channel 4.

Musical Theatre: Rod has written several musicals with acclaimed playwright Paul Prescott including 'Footsteps to the Moon' which first appeared at the Edinburgh Festival. This was performed recently at the White Bear Theatre and the Cockpit and has been seen as far afield as Sydney, Australia. He wrote the music for the Little Angel Puppet Theatre’s ‘The Snow Queen’. (5 stars, Sunday Times) Rod also wrote original music & was Sound Designer for the West End sell-out production of ‘Round the Horne…Revisited’ at the Venue Theatre, Leicester Square and on several national tours.

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